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Massage Chair Maintenance And Cleaning Tips

Posted by Cody Neer on

Cleaning a massage chair is quite straightforward. That said, it is important to follow some rules when doing so to avoid damaging the interior mechanics of your machine.

Remove Upholstery
Most massage chairs today come with removable upholstery. This allows you to take the material off the mechanical parts of your massage chair and clean them separately.

By not doing so, you could expose mechanical parts to harsh chemicals which could damage your massage chair.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions to find out what chemicals and liquids your massage chair upholstery can be exposed to in order to not damage it beyond repair.

Oil Your Chair
While this will depend on the material of your upholstery, oiling your chair could reduce the chances of tears in your material. Regular oiling will keep your chair soft and comfortable as well as prevent cracks from appearing.

Store It Correctly And Use It Regularly
Aside from all the above, you need to make sure you store your chair in a room temperature, dry place where it is not exposed to too much sun and will not get damp. You must also make sure it is kept away from small sticky fingers and liquids.

Lastly, be sure to use your massage chair regularly in order to keep the internal machinery in good working order.

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